Hi Alison,

Apologies it’s taken so long to follow up, I wanted to find the time to spend to properly write what we wanted to express to you. I have now realised that there is no “spare” time anymore! Also apologies in advance, this is a very wordy email!!

The class of “Birth Without Fear” we were curious about what it would provide us with above what we’d already learnt from you.
(As a side note - id been attending pregnancy yoga and had been learning some breathing and pain management techniques, but sometimes wondered in what situation I should use these etc.) I had purchased the book you advised before the class, but hadn’t had time to read any of it, so we entered the class open minded but unsure of what it would add to our journey!
That class I honestly feel made the biggest difference to my labour. A lot of the techniques and theories you discussed and practiced with us were similar to the techniques I’d learnt in yoga, however you added context, and examples that made them realistic to how we could use them. The way you included our partners made Rich feel completely involved, and gave him a purpose and a real role he could play once labour commenced. This aided in him feeling excited about the upcoming labour, and I remember leaving that class and saying to Rich “we are going to do this together aren’t we.” That for me made me feel like I wasn’t going to be delivering this baby on my own, or even by myself with Rich by my side, but he was truly going to be delivering this baby with me!!
I practiced the pain management techniques you taught at times where I had leg cramps etc, to practice relaxing and welcoming pain, and these practice times really helped to prove to myself that these tips worked!


As I mentioned before, our labour didn’t follow any “plan or preference” we had talked about, my waters broke 3 weeks early, and the midwives at the hospital confirmed this had happened, we then went home as no contractions had begun. They started on our way home, and then continued for around 3 hours. I put the techniques we had learnt from you into practice and this allowed rich to get some much needed sleep before the impending birth, and I felt I could manage the contractions myself until they became closer together. The whole time the contractions were progressing, I could hear your voice telling me to relax through the contractions, and rest in between, and it honestly felt empowering. I knew what was happening to my body, and that I was doing the right thing in that moment.
Once we were getting 3 contractions in 10 minutes we went back to the hospital. It was then realised the baby was breach. We were explained our options, and elected for a section as this sounded lowest risk. We didn’t have time for any pain relief until the spinal block went in, and I thank god for the pain management techniques during that period! I never felt “I can’t do this” which I’m sure I would have done if we hadn’t learnt what we had. Rich was fabulous during all of this, and he felt confident in how he could support me and truly be of help! 

Lola came into the world very calmly (she didn’t cry when she first came out), and rich and I, although nervous as we were in surgery, felt relaxed and in control.

So to summarise, we had planned and prepared for a full natural labour, using as minimal pain relief as possible, and had a very different labour. But what I wanted to say was how amazingly beneficial everything we’d learnt in your courses still was to our experience.

We are now embracing our entirely new life, Lola is getting on brilliantly with feeding and the midwives have been very happy with her weight gain.

We want to thank you for the information you shared during the classes, but also your passion for your work, and the caring and loving way you delivered the courses. It made us feel special, empowered, calm and confident that we didn’t need to fear the birth, but instead really look forward to it.

Emma, Rich & Lola xxxx

Jess & Ed
Hi Emilie- Ed and I actually had our lovely little boy on Thursday (a week early!) He is brilliant and we are completely in adoration of him. My waters broke on Wednesday and I hadn't experienced any contractions so we had to go into the hospital to get induced after 24 hours. I had the gel and then 7 hours later with gas and air he'd arrived! Apparently it was very quick for a first labour. I can't thank you enough for the Birth Without Fear class. I went into my own world during labour but Ed tells me that I just breathed all the way through it and didn't scream once.  We just kept saying the words 'deep, heavy, steady' over and over and it really helped me. I feel so grateful for having the confident Birth Without Fear session so I can now look back and say that I felt I owned that experience completely and made it my own without losing control- especially because the hospital was very chaotic due to corona and home from home was shut and our birth plan went out the window straight away- luckily the techniques you taught meant I didn't let that get to me and I just tried to focus. Our midwife tells us he was the best behaved boy she'd ever seen during the labour and birth- I'm sure she says that to everyone but he does seem to have a nice nature! Thank you so much Emilie-. Xxx
Jess, April 2020.
Full review:
Learning Confident Birthing techniques with Emilie was the single most important thing I did during my pregnancy to prepare. Following a complicated pregnancy and then facing child birth during the corona virus pandemic, what could have been a very scary and chaotic experience actually turned out to be something I felt completely in control of. I’ve never been good with pain, so had you asked me nine months ago how I thought my birthing experience would go, I would have said I’d expected it to be terrifying. But with the techniques Emilie showed us, particularly with the power of the breath, I felt so in control. I particularly liked the emphasis that was placed on the role of the birth partner. It meant that my partner Ed knew exactly what I wanted without me having to ask for it (which during labour, would have been quite difficult to vocalise) and it just felt like we really were working in sync. He used slow, steady, deep sounds and actions to lull me into a state of complete focus. I can genuinely say that because of the Birth Without Fear approach, my experience of child birth was extraordinary and it brings a smile to my face every time I think of it. Plus, now that I’ve entered motherhood, every time that I feel slightly daunted or overwhelmed by a new challenge, I remember how I conquered my fear of labour and I instantly start using the techniques to get me through the next hurdle...so it really is the gift that keeps on giving! 
Jess, June 2020.