Book the private course in your home and learn the tools

The practical training in our childbirth classes gives you a unique opportunity to practice with the effective tools of Confident Birth together so that you become the best team and can more easily use them during the contractions. 

We combine theory, practice and the exercises to help you understand more about how you use the tools during the birth and how your roles differ. This gives both you as the pregnant woman and your partner or other support person greater strength and makes you an unbeatable team. We recommend that you take the course from around week 25 until the birth. 
The private class is offered in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The time is around 4h in your home. If you live far away an addiotional cost can be addes. 

Cost 2 people:
3000 kr. 

Private childbirth class with instructor

Right now we only have privat classes in Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö) in English. Our instructors are specialised in pregnancy. You will learn the basic theory and get practical knowledge to help you use the efficient Confident Birth tools during contractions. You also receive training in how your partner or other support person can help you in the best way possible. Email us to get more information.